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Real Estate Marketing

We can not only market your Home, but assist in the selling of your home too!!

In today’s visual real-estate market, there is no better investment than professional photography. And though cellphone options and filtering help make our photos so much better than before, they just can’t compete in a “competitive” marketplace!

 RoundTable Media has years of experience in creating the quality photography/videography necessary to effectively market your home.  We use a special photography technique that results in high dynamic range images with even lighting, which also enables us to correctly expose for shadows and bright areas, such as windows, showing your home in the best light possible! Combined with special editing techniques, the end result is a product which is set apart on Tourfactory, Zillow or on your personal website, giving your home the attention-getting advantage you desire!

Remember, it’s the visual images that create the first impression, which generates interest for the actual showing; so trust RoundTable Media to create a masterpiece worthy of a showcase!

                                  Up to 3,000 Sqft.                 3,0001 Sqft and above.

  Listing Photos.                $120                                             $140

 Aerial photos.                   $100                                           $100

 Video Walk-through.      $250                                           $300

 Arial Drone Video.          $150                                            $150

 Prices includes time on location, photo editing and posting on Tourfactory or website. Prices may vary    depending on size and location. Contact us for a specific price on your listing.